How does job-hunting differ from dating? Not much, at least when you compare professional behavior here on LinkedIn to what is going on in dating sites!

As a single-guy looking for both future employment and the love of my life, it is easy to see the similarities between successful on-line dating profiles and alluring on-line résumés. Therefore, I give you my tips on how you can use the on-line dating do’s  to improve your LinkedIn profile!

  1. Get an attractive profile photo
    No-one is going on blind-dates anymore.  Once you meet an interesting person, whether it’ is somewhere on-line or, gasp, ”in real life”, you are going to do your very best to snoop around, and stalk them on their social media profiles. This is the same for recruiters.

    Yes, we all know that looks are not everything that matters, but you need to be at least representative. Don’t think that you have to be a top-model or a Magic Mike, but if you are missing a photo or it’s not  even remotely appealing, you might not give a recruiter a chance to see your inner beauty.

  2. Make it clear and simple
    So, wait a minute – are you single or not? What are you looking for? If your dating profile leaves possible suitors confused, your on-line résumé might be a puzzle as well. You will avoid awkward questions, when your profile tells loud and clear what you are here for, and when it is aimed for the right audience. A little mystery might be romantic, but too many riddles are just a bore. And oh, recruiters will find the answers: if not from you, then from the next profile.

    So, remember to KISS. That is to keep it simple, stupid!

  3. Tell your likes and dislikes
    So, do you like horror films? How about backpacking? These are very common questions on dates. You need to find a balance: If you are too strict with your preferences, you might scare the possible wooer. On the other hand, if you are too plain, you are not memorable. Recruiters have the prerogative to be very picky: You need the be as interesting as possible, and preferably enjoy the same things your dream-job company does.
  4. Know your future goals
    You just know it is going to be a dead-end, if the other one wants babies and the other one is looking for a casual relationship. So, don’t go wasting anyone’s time.  Make it clear what you are looking for, and you might just meet the job of your dreams!
  5. Don’t just talk about yourself
    Résumés are probably the only context where it is absolutely alright to brag. And obviously you want to give the best possible first expression. But if you only talk about yourself, you might come across as arrogant, or you might not learn enough about your counterpart. So, make sure you have something on your profile that tells the recruiter what you are looking for in your future employer!
  6. Be available
    When a suitor asks you for a coffee, it is nice to have some time on your schedule. So, what is the situation with your resources: Are you willing to move? Are you looking for full-time employment, or just an interesting project? The more time you have for dates, the more likely you are to find your next big romance. And as a gay guy from Finnish Lapland, I can tell you that sometimes it’s all about location, location, location.
  7. Open up the Ex-Files
    On a date you might not want to tell all about your previous relationships. But here it is good to include even the shorter flings. And feel free to be thorough: tell about your accomplishments and what you were able to learn.
  8. Call to action
    And lastly, remember to give the recruiter a chance and a motive to contact you. Remember to ”give your number”, so you can have that first date!

Here were my tips, I hope you enjoyed them! Do you have more similarities in mind? If so, please share them with me!